Lend a Hand

Contributions from the public are vital to the continuation of our programs. You can help by giving generously of your expertise, financial resources or time.

Donate Funds

Your cash donation ensures children in our community receive health advocacy programs, nutritious meals, counseling and mentoring services, education, prevention programming and similar support. Donate now!

Donate Items

Many of our children and families are in need of items ranging from school supplies and hygiene products to clothing and household goods. Donated items should be clean and in good condition. Click here to view our wishlist!


Time spent as a volunteer at YFS translates into many things such as the caring attention a child or teen needs to grow up healthy and resilient, or the encouragement an family needs to be
successful and strong. For more information on volunteer opportunities, please contact Darcie Decker at ddecker@youthandfamilyservices.org or at (605) 342-4195.


YFS offers unpaid internship opportunities to the best and the brightest individuals, and provides a stimulating and creative environment that benefits both employees as well as the community we serve..