Boys Health Program Takes On Mickelson Trail

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August 2, 2016
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Boys Health Program Takes On Mickelson Trail

On Friday, August 19, 15 boys enrolled in YFS’ Boys Health Program participated in a biking and camping trip on along the Mickelson Trail.

“We filled our vehicles and trailers to capacity with bikes and tents,” stated Corey Kennedy, YFS Boys Health Program Advocate.

The group’s journey began in Hill City. Although the day started out cool and rainy, the group rallied together and decided that they wouldn’t be delayed or detoured from their adventure. “We dropped of our camping gear and coolers at our desired camp site in Hill City and drove the lot and the bikes to Rochford to start the biking adventure,” Kennedy stated.

As the group drove through the hills, the rain started to dissipate and the road began to dry up. “The great news was we could ride in the dry, cool weather without fear of exhaustion from heat.”

The boys were full of anticipation and eagerness as the group began their trip. “The boys were all every excited since they’d never done anything like this before. Most of them had never even been to the Mickelson trail before.”

As the boys, along with their advocates and supervisors, made their way along the trails, they were able to enjoy the majesty of the Black Hills. “The boys took all the sites in during the ride. They were so excited to see the different tunnels, bridges, animals, and views.”

“We mastered the mechanical difficulty, physical fitness, and the cold outdoors to arrive at our camp site six hours later.” After the ride, the boys reveled in stories of what they had accomplished while the adults grilled hamburgers.

“Camping was an added bonus to the end of the day, but the bike ride was the stuff of legends for these boys and I imagine it will be for the rest of their lives.”