Boys Health

A Focus On Boys Health

Youth & Family Services’ Boys Health Program is offered to boys, ages 5 - 17, who are at risk of developing physical, mental, or social health problems.

Each boy enrolled in the program is assigned an advocate who will:

• Assist him in learning and developing patterns of behavior that will enhance his health
• Emphasize the value of regular school attendance and good study habits
• Connect him with appropriate medical, dental, and mental health care services within the community
• Transport him to appointments he needs in order to be successful
• Offer referrals for tutoring or other services to meet his individual needs
• Work closely with his family and school to ensure his success
• Act as a positive male role model and mentor
• Instill the importance of responsibility, self-esteem, and community involvement

Boys are referred to the program by school counselors, teachers, parents, and health and social service agencies.


The Boys Health Program offers extensive programming including:

• Economic literacy – Advocates work on age-appropriate money skills which allow the boys to gain a better understanding of math, the economy, and everyday money management.
• Tutoring – Advocates work closely with area schools to help ensure that the boys’ course work stays up to date to promote academic success.
• Fit Kids and Fit Youth – The Boys Health Program collaborates with the Rapid City YMCA to help the boys find a fun way to exercise. Advocates promote and facilitate appropriate physical activities to keep the boys active and fit.
• Nutrition – Advocates work with the boys to help them understand how a balanced diet and proper amounts of sleep and exercise affect their bodies.
• Wise Guys – Wise Guys is an interactive course that promotes a positive self-image for boys and provides them with accurate, age-appropriate information about human sexuality, healthy decision making, and social responsibility. The 10 - 12 lessons teach about self-esteem, clarifying values, setting goals, making decisions, male responsibility, healthy relationships, sexuality, communication skills, and parenthood.
• Parenting Courses – Advocates help connect parents of boys in the program to parent enrichment courses such as Love and Logic and father-focused courses. These courses, provided through YFS’ Counseling Center, are designed to help educate parents on ways they can stay connected with their children, as well as providing them with new and useful information on topics related to their child’s needs.