Who We Serve

Youth & Family Services provides comprehensive, award-winning programs to more than 13,000 children and families each year. Although YFS is located in Rapid City, we provide programs and services in every county in western South Dakota. The majority of our programs focus on meeting the needs of underprivileged youth, however, we offer resources and support to virtually everyone in our community.

Of all youth served by Youth & Family Services programs, approximately:

  • 85% live in poverty and qualify for some form of assistance
  • 75% live in single-parent or foster homes
  • 25% have parents who did not complete high school
  • 23% are of a racial minority (primarily American Indian). This number jumps to nearly 45% in the Rapid City area.
  • 15% are from middle-income families

YFS is dedicated to supporting children in overcoming these challenges by building a network of coordinated services that give them hope. Our agency is committed to developing community-wide networks for creating bridges out of poverty and increasing economic literacy among young people and their families. Achieving these goals requires enlisting the cooperation of parents, YFS staff, teachers, service providers and generous community members.